Tablet woven bands from Eastern Europe

Below you will find a selection of tablet woven bands from broadly defined Eastern Europe.

All replicas of the original finds pictured on our webpage have been woven by us. The photos of the original finds we collect in printed form were found mostly on the internet hence it is often not possible for us to determine the author of them or point to a particular source like a research paper or a book. However, we give the reference list below of the sources we have had access to in the past few years and from which we derived information about tablet woven band finds.

Most woven bands we offer through our shop are very close to the originals in terms of a pattern and technique. Some of the weavings presented here were originally silver or gold brocaded – yet currently we do not take commissions for brocaded bands. Instead, in our online shop you can order woolen or linen versions of different finds. These versions are often slightly simplified compared to the original bands but they seem to be a reasonable compromise between an attempt to reconstruct a medieval textile fragment with all its technical complexity (+ authenticity) and a price acceptable for a wide range of re-enactors and enthusiasts of history.

ladoga viking rus

1. Ladoga, present day Russia, 10-12th c.

The Staraya Ladoga area , three color woolen band of 1,2 cm width

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gaigovo viking textiles

 2. Gaigovo, present day Russia, 11th c.

Female cremation burial site. This woolen trim was sewn onto a herringbone twill cloth, its width is 1,8 cm.

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krajka z brzescia

3. Stary Brzesc, Poland, 13th c.

Probably silk band brocaded with gold thread, width 1,3 cm.

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rassawa brocaded band11th

 4. Rassawa, Ukraine, 10-11th c.,

Card woven silk band brocaded with gold thread. Its width is about 1 cm.

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