tablet weaving by Warsztat Syv

Tablet weaving has been our passion and our work for over 10 years now.

We offer custom and ready-made tablet woven trims and belts for reenactors of Early Middle Ages. You can buy them though our Etsy store.
Some of these woven braids are based on archaeological finds, some are possible interpretations of barely visible pattern on a piece of textile that miraculously survived till our times. Others are just our fantasy yet as probable as anything else.

We are still mastering the craft of weaving and learning new techniques. It turns out that tablet weaving is more intersting and complex than we used to think when we started this adventure;)

This website is currently undergoing some changes as we are planning to add new categories for historical patterns in the upcoming months. You are welcome to follow us on Facebook and drop by here whenever you think of Dark Ages 😉

tablet woven trims shop

We sell through two shops on Etsy – one of them offers tablet woven bands which are already made and ready to ship, the other one presents trims and belts made to order. Happy shopping Reenactors!

Tablet weaving is an ancient technique (about 3000 years old) of making decorative clothes borders from wool, linen, silk, silver and gold threads or whatever other material they had access to at the time. Tablet woven bands were used in the past as trims, belts, headbands or leg wraps. Compared to metal finds not many tablet woven pieces have survived to our times but those which have and can now be seen in museums all over Europe show variety of patterns, from simple geometric to very complex heraldic.

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